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October 17, 2007
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Prolog: It was noon time and already the Koopa King, Bowser, was exhausted after a meeting with Princess Toadstool. You see, contrary to popular belief, the Princess Peach kidnaping’s are all set up. Bowser shows up, meets the Princess, “kidnaps” her by bringing her to his castle and they have a meeting. In these meetings the Princess swindles more and more territory for the Mushroom Kingdom, then Mario shows up and “saves” her. As the months press on the Koopa Kingdom slowly begins to seems all hope is lost for the weakened Kingdom...but salvation might be just around the corner...

Chapter 1

Bowser sat upon his throne, thinking of all the things wrong with him. “Mouser,” he called “I need your advice.” A skinny mouse wearing a pare of sunglasses appeared. “Yes sire, what is it you need?” “Mouser..” Bowser asked with sadness in his voice “what will my subjects think of me when I have passed on to the afterlife...?” he said, his paw on his chubby belly. “Well have done considerably well during your reign so far..” Mouser replied as he saw his king staring at his stomach “and I don’t think they will think ill of you just for a few extra pounds...” Bowser sighed but smiled slightly “Thank you Mouser, you are a good advisor.” “Thank you for such praise, Sire, I try my hardest.” Mouser replied humbly as it began to rain and thunder outside. “But now...I must see my son, Junior.” “Of course Lord.” Mouser replied with a bow and quickly scurried away. Bower made his way to his son’s room, his mind centered on his belly. “I’ve gotten too fat....” thought, a small bead of sweat rolling down his neck “after I’m done playing with Junior I’ll get a weight guide straight away. ....I can deal with that bitch Peach later...” as Bowser got to his son’s room he heard violin music. “Ahh...Junior must be practicing...” Bowser thought, but he couldn’t help but peak inside to look at his son. Inside sat Bowser Junior (who’ll I’ll nickname Bjr for the remained of the story cuz I’m lazy) a 7 year old, slightly chubby Prince and Heir to the Throne. Bjr sat on his bed, his eyes closed as he played, almost in a trance-like state. Each note played perfectly as he quietly hummed to the tune. But as soon as Bjr opened his eyes he stopped, he has a bad case of stage fright if anyone watches him play. “Oh...hi papa.” he said, smiling somewhat “what brings you here?” “Oh nothing son.” Bowser replied “just wanted to check on my number one son.” Bjr blushed and hugged his father. Just then Mouser came running down the hall “My Lord! My Lord! We have an unexpected visitor!”

Chapter 2

Mouser lead the father and son to the great hall. There stood a rather tall 15 year old foxbear creature, who looked like he weighed close to 5 tons! “My lord, this is Prince Trenton, he says he was on a trip but has lost his way and asks if he could spend out the storm in the castle.” squeaked Mouser. Bowser looked at the foxbear “alright, he may stay.” Trenton gave a bow “thank you sire, may I ask where the bathroom is so I may change into some better clothes?” “Down the hall and to the right” pipped Bjr. Trenton bowed to the young prince and made his way to the bathroom, returning 10 minutes later in a red robe. “Ahh, much better. Once again, thank you for letting me stay King...?” “Bowser...and this is my son Junior.” Bjr gave a slight bow and Trenton returned the bow. Soon it was Dinner time, but despite his immense size and girth, Trenton ate only a medium quantity. Bowser did not pay his guest much thought over but Bjr seemed very interested as he looked at his massive belly. “Um...sir?” “yes?” Trenton asked, slightly amused by Bjr’s look of wonderment as he looked at his belly. “What makes your belly so....big?” “Oh...that’s called fat!” “What’s fat?” Bjr asked innocently. Trenton was greatly surprised by this. “Well...uh...tell ya after dinner?” he replied, not wanting to upset Bowser. Bjr nodded and after dinner they both made to his room. “Fat is a beautiful thing,” Trenton told Bjr “its soft and cuddly and able to keep you warm on even the coldest nights.” “Awesome! I wanna get fat!” Bjr said, his face glowing with joy. Trenton smiled “well, that’s easy! But you gotta let me do a few things first, ok?” “Ok!” Bjr replied, as Trenton was lead to his room by Mouser and he fell asleep, dreaming of his future fatness.

Chapter 3

the next morning there was a startling discovery, much of the food in the Royal Storehouses was gone! After some slightly arguing as to who had done it, Trenton stepped forward. “I may have a way to solve this.” “How?” Bowser and most of the guards asked. Trenton reached into his pocket and pulled out a metal object about the size of a pack of gum, pressed a button on it, and placed it to the ground. Immediately the object began to grow outward until it was fully formed at about the size of a dinner table. He then placed one of the remaining foods, a large pie in one end of the machine and about 100 came out the other side a few moments later! Bowser and many of his guards were amazed by this but Bjr just smiled “now then...may we eat breakfast?” Trenton asked with a grin. Today’s breakfast was very large and, since Trenton had given Bjr the signal, he pigged out on as much food as he could! Bower ate very little, and Trenton noticed...very confused. Afterwards Trenton went to Bowser and asked if he could ask him a few questions. “Sure, shoot.” “Uhm...ok... Why are you eating so little?” “To stay at a good weight.” Bowser replied. “Why?” “Well....uh....” Bowser said, unsure how to answer “so my people will respect me.” “People do not hate those who are fat, Lord Bowser” Trenton replied “why are you so concerned about something so petty as staying within a certain weight?” Bowser was surprised and was silent. “I....I will answer that later...”  He replied “now if you’ll excuse me I have some duties I must complete!” and with that he stormed out, both confused, angry and a little scared.

Chapter 4: the questions Trenton had asked him hung on Bowser’s mind, making him feel tired. “Mouser...” he said around midday “I feel tired and am going to take a short nap.” “Of course my lord.” Mouser squeaked “I’ll tell the servants not to bother you.” Bowser thanked Mouser and made his way to his room, where he feel into a deep sleep and began to dream. In the beginning of his dream all was well, but the dream meadow he was in soon blackened and the tree’s around him withered as a figure wearing a long dark robe approached him. “Wh- who are you?” Bowser asked the figure. The figure looked up and removed its hood, revealing itself to be a twisted, demon form of Bowser! The demon-Bowser was extremely skinny, with chains all along its cloak and little wisps of demons floating around it. “I,” it said in a metallic demon voice “am the embodiment of all things skinny! And you...” it said pointing a gnarled finger at Bowser “will soon become my newest slave!” the demon screeched and flew into the air, its fangs showing. Bowser ran as fast as his legs could carry until he got to the edge of a cliff. “Now...” the demon said, slowly walking towards the terrified Bowser “you will now become my- -” suddenly a great glow appeared in the sky and light bathed over them. “Begone evil spirit!” a commanding, female voice boomed and a beam of light shot at the demon. The demon let out a loud screech and disappeared in a puff of black smoke as an angel appeared in front of Bowser. Bowser was too terrified and his eyes were not open to see her. “Its can open your eyes now.” Bowser opened one eye, then the other and stared in amazement at the angel. The angel was massive, at least 700 pounds, with big eyes. “I am the angel of fatness, you like me?” Bowser nodded and his paw shot out onto her belly and rubbed it, feeling every part of her fat body. “This feels so good...” he said sighing happily. “Yes,” the angel replied, “and it feels even better when you have it...would you like that?” Bowser blinked “be...fat?” the angel nodded. Bowser thought as his paw slowly pulled away then nodded at her. The angel then embraced him in a great hug...and he awoke. Bowser sat up, he felt...good... he felt...happy. He felt better then he had in a long time.  Bowser heard the dinner bell ring and went there as quick as he could. Once there he ate as much as he could. Bjr was surprised at his fathers sudden joyful mood and asked “papa, what’s happened?” Bowser beamed at his son and replied “I’ve accepted fatness.”  Bjr’s eyes lit up and a giant smile spread across his face as he began to eat with about the same gusto as his father. Before dinner was over, Trenton raised his cup to give a toast. “To fatness.” he said smiling as did Bowser and Bjr and they drank and smiled, patting there huge bellies.

Epilog: a few days later the storm let out and Trenton made his way home, telling all his people and of course his mother (The Queen) about his adventure. Meanwhile Bowser and Bjr continued there weight gaining and have for quite some time now. Bjr now sends frequent letters to Trenton, who in term, replies. Both Bowser and Bjr are now extremely obese, Bjr now weighs 800 pounds, Bowser over 1,000!
a bowser weight gain story, hope you all like it! i've been thinking on maybe making a part 2 if it gets good reception...
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