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March 6, 2007
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Dragon Girth

prolog: Enter Lorkahn
we begin our story with Lorkhan, a thin 24ft tall red and orange dragon. Lorkhan is very nice and has many friends he also has a gift (though some call it a curse) of a very high metabolism. Meaning he can eat insane amounts of food and not gain any weight. But that will change very soon. We begin with Lorkhan in bed, sleeping peacefully......

Chapter 1: the dream
Lorkhan smiled as he dreamed not knowing what would happen. Soon Lorkhan got thirsty and got up got a drink a went back into bed. His dream was now very different. He was now standing in the entrance of what looked like a large chapel and walked in. Instantly the doors closed and locked themselves as Lorkhan stood before two statues. One was of an angle holding a crystal like object in her paws and the other was a large tiger-bull morph holding a large axe. Lorkhan reached out to touch it. The tiger-bull statue instantly snapped to life and glared at him. “who dares enter the Chaple of Assisi?! Speak now or perish!” it bellowed Lorkhan shook with fear “my name is Lorkhan.” he said trembling. The tiger-bull statue’s ears pricked up at this and he relaxed a bit. “Ah, Chosen Dragon Lorkhan, you may pass.” Instantly the wall opened revealing a hallway.  Lorkhan was very confused now. What did that dragon mean by “chosen dragon”? And how did he know his name? Lorkhan walked down the new hallway, which was lit by candle holding statues. He got to the end of the hallway and found himself in a pool area. In the middle was a boy wearing a cloak. He turned to Lorkhan “Dragon! You have come at last for the crystal, I see.” he said removing a medium sized crystal from his cloak. “Come. Take it. It is yours.” Lorkhan stepped slowly into the water and wadded his way to the boy and took the crystal. The crystal began to glow a deep blue when he held it. The boy then spoke to him again. “Dragon, You’re fate will come to pass very soon! And know that our lives shall intersect as well.” the crystal glowed onto Lorkhan and then disappeared in a puff of blue smoke. There was a deep rumbling and the floor began to fall away. Lorkhan saw this and tried to run but it was to late! He awoke with a gasp and then realized he had fallen out of bed.

Chapter 2: Breakfast and discoveries

Lorkhan walked downstairs somewhat dazed and saw that it was 7:00 on a Saturday. Lorkhan fixed himself his usual Saturday breakfast: buttermilk pancakes with milk and bacon. Though Lorkhan was usually hungry during meals he found himself feel ravenous this time. He ate and ate and ate until he was full to bursting! Lorkhan then went to take a shower but when he got to the bathroom he noticed something different. His belly was now a small paunch belly that jiggled as he walked. Lorkhan looked in the mirror, then looked at his belly again, gazing at it as though it were an alien life form. He poked his small belly and looked at it jiggle. He then began to rub it, which felt oddly pleasurable. He rubbed it more and more with both hands, now purring like a cat. “I like this!” he thought “I wonder how I could......” then an idea came to him “I need food.” he said aloud and ran as fast as he could to his kitchen.

Chapter 3:Lorkhan’s feast

Lorkhan gazed at all the food he had in his fridge and licked his lips. He grabbed as much from the fridge as he could and brought it to the den, where he put it on the coffee table. He then grabbed as much snack food as he could and ran back to the den and began feasting. Cake’s, cookie’s, ice cream all gone within seconds. With each bite Lorkhan noticed his belly growing steadily. He ate and ate until his belly hurt. He then waddled (which took a bit of getting use to) upstairs to his scale. He looked at the scale “36,000! Holy crap!!! I’ve gained a lot!” (His weight before his feast was 30,000) Lorkhan gazed at his new self. His belly now jutted out even further and his arms and legs were thick with newfound fat. His lower body had also grown with fat. Lorkhan smiled as he gazed upon himself. Then he felt rather tired and went to sleep.

Chapter 4: the foxbear

Lorkhan enjoyed his newfound girth and continued to gain weight over the next few days. One day, as he went to get his mail he saw something. There, in the middle of the road were two furries, a wolf and a badger, kicking something. Lorkhan waddled a bit closer and saw that it was another furry! The two furs saw this and ran as fast as they could away. Once they were gone Lorkhan looked at the abused furry. He lay there, curled up in a ball, bruised all over and crying. Once the young furry noticed his attackers had fled he stood up. “Were you the one who sent them away?” he asked. Lorkhan nodded. The boy smiled “thank you. ....... I should get going.” the boy tried to walk away but tripped. Lorkhan then offered that he could stay with him for a while. “Thank you, sir.” Lorkhan chuckled “please, call me Lorkhan.” “ok..... my name’s Trenton.” the young foxbear replied as the two made there way to Lorkhans home.

Chapter 5: a muffin and an immobile dragon

Lorkhan and Trenton soon became good friends. Lorkhan noticed that Trenton made very good food and often commented on this. A while later Trenton went to Lorkhan as he relaxed in the midday sun in his backyard. “Here Lorkhan, I made you this....” he said outstretching a paw to show Lorkhan a small muffin. “Thanks pal,” he replied patting Trenton on the head. Lorkhan unwrapped the muffin and ate it in one gulp. Moments after eating the muffin his belly began to gurgle. Lorkhan began to rub his belly and felt his belly ballooning outward! He turned his head and noticed his body was growing too. “Trenton, what’s happening to me?!” “Oh, nothing....” he Trenton said with a laugh “just the weight gain formula I put into the muffin kicking in.” Lorkhan kept on growing and growing and growing until he was almost immobile! He was now 3 times as big as his cave, which he quickly made bigger to fit his new self. Then he turned to look at Trenton, but he was gone.  All there was, was a note that read “Dear Lorkhan, hope you like the new fat. Sorry if I overdid it. Maybe I can visit you again soon? Your friend, Trenton”

The End
this story is for my pal Sykmynd hope you like it buddy!
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fu-dogplz Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2008
can i have the said muffin?
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thank you, glad you enjoyed it ^_^
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this is my fav story I loved it
trentonfoxbear Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2007
hehehe thank you bro you are too kind
fatdragon500 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2007
np it is a relly geart story i read it all the time it just so good:D
trentonfoxbear Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2007
fatdragon500 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2007
yea it is a gerat story reminds me of me a little
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