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August 2, 2007
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Yoshi Fattening

prolog: It was about noon time on Yoshi Island and all was well. Yoshi’s ran back and forth, gathering fruit and other food, bringing it home and helping each other. Unknown to all of them a very obese foxbear sat on a mountain side. The foxbear let out a great sigh “why are they so small?” he asked himself. And he was instantly answered by his brain “cuz they have to work so hard idiot.” The foxbear thought about the idea “fat Yoshi’s.....hmmm....interesting” But he decided to think about it and went back to sleep.

Chapter 1: a prayer and a gift

As time passed we draw our attention to the Yoshi Village, a fairly large, self-suppliant place free of war and most strife. In this village lived a young Yoshi named Toby. Toby was not the same as all the others due to the fact that he was fat. Very fat. Most of the other Yoshi kids teased and laughed at him, but he mostly ignored them. Toby spent most of his time with his little sister, Tera. One night Toby went to his room very sad due to the bullying he had received and knelt beside his straw bed and prayed. “Spirits,” he said “I just want to be accepted, to be normal, for me and my family and my sister to be happy. Please grant me this wish.” and with that, Toby lay down on his bed and fell asleep.

Later that following day, Toby and the other Yoshi’s went into the forest to gather fruit. This was a day like any other day for Toby, except when he got to his part of the forest which he harvested from, something was different. It seemed....lighter....and the fruit were enormous! Toby gazed at the massive fruits, which were 3 times there normal size and gawked in awe and wonder. Then, Toby heard a rustling nearby as a very obese foxbear creature wandered into the area. Toby, believing the foxbear to be a Forest Spirit, bowed humbly to him. The foxbear chuckled, and sat down on a nearby rock and beckoned Toby to sit next to him. Toby did as he was told and the foxbear began to speak to him. “Do you want to know why the fruit are so large?” he asked, Toby nodded. The foxbear pointed to a tree, its fruit were normal size, the tree looked ok. Then the foxbear removed a small pouch from his pocket and opened it, pouring a sort of blue dust into his paw. The foxbear stood up, waddled to the tree, and threw the pawfull of dust onto the trunk of the tree. Instantly the tree began to change! Its fruit started to grow rapidly in size, ad the tree’s branches and trunk grew as well. It also started to glow blue in some patches up and down the tree. Toby sat there, amazed at what he saw. The foxbear waddled back to Toby, “Take this fruit back to your village, eat well, and when tomorrow comes, return here. Alright?” Toby nodded and the foxbear began to waddle away. “Wait!” Toby called out “What is your name???” Toby could hear the foxbear laugh “call me Friend.” he heard him call back from a distant.

Chapter 2: feast

Toby waddled home, amazed and confused, carrying the immensely huge fruit. It felt surprisingly light, despite its size. When he returned to the village, all the other kids had delivered the fruit, which was also strangely huge as well! Toby waddled to his house to find Tera, but one thing was different. She was almost half Toby’s size! Toby stared at her as she stuffed her face with watermelon, her belly and body growing with fat! “Tera! How did you get so...” “Fat?” she replied “I don’t know, but I feel full now.” she said, patting her much larger belly “here big brother, eat something.” Toby winced, he figured that something was up with the fruit, but he was very hungry and decided that a little fruit wouldn’t hurt. As soon as he took a bite, his belly growled and he became extremely hungry! Toby began to shove every bit of fruit he could find into his mouth. He began to get fatter and fatter until, an hour later, he felt full and rather tired. Toby waddled to his bed and fell asleep.

Chapter 3: a task

Toby awoke early the next morning, got up, washed his face and brushed his teeth and went outside. He saw all his neighbors, friends, everyone, had gotten fatter. Though the only thing that struck Toby as odd is that they seemed quite content with it! Toby sat and watched as the other kids awoke and then went off to get more fruit. Toby waddled back to the small clearing and sat on a rock. He saw the tree’s had become stronger looking and the animals nearby seemed happier. “Enjoying the view?” a voice asked. Toby turned and saw the foxbear, smiling. “Yes, its very pretty.” he replied. The foxbear chuckled and sat next to him. “Did the villagers like the fruit?” “Yes,” Toby replied “they ate it all up.” “Good. .....very good.” the foxbear waddled to a tree and knocked on the bark, a few seeds came forth from the bark. He put them in a pouch and gave them to Toby. “Today marks the Time of Planting, yes?” “Uh-huh.” “Good. I want you to plant these seeds. Only these seeds, no others.” Toby became confused “why only these seeds?”  The foxbear laughed “you shall see.” and with that he waddled off. Toby looked at the seeds, shrugged, took some fruit and waddled home.

After placing his fruit in the storage area, he went to the farm area and carefully planted the seeds. Toby wondered what would happen as he lay in his bed. “Its going to be wonderful, I know that much.” he thought and smiled as he drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 4: change

As time passed the tree’s grew in the fields and bore fruit.  And as time continued to pass the yoshi’s grew fatter and fatter. They didn’t really mind the extra weight and continued to eat the fattening fruit. Now, almost 4 months after the foxbear first appeared to Toby, the yoshi village had changed MUCH. No longer did the yoshi children have to go into the wilderness for fruit, instead, they could press a button and their fruit came! Toby, now almost 1,000 pounds heavier (and one of the most fattest yoshi in the region) still continued to visit the clearing. This day, as the foxbear spoke to him, he noticed something. “Friend? Are you going somewhere?” the foxbear nodded “yes. I am going back to my homeland.” Toby became sad “but will you come back?” the foxbear smiled “in a while, yes. Just wait a bit ok.” Toby smiled and nodded and waved goodbye to his friend as he waddled back to his home.

a story about yoshi's fattening up! hope you all like it!
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Yay!!! Fat Yoshis!!! w00t
glad you liked it ^^
I love the story! :D
wow...glad you like it! ^^;
marsredr100 Sep 12, 2007
marsredr100 Sep 11, 2007
my progress is: the title page and 1/4 comic pages
cool! take your time need to rush
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